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With our extensive experience in computing, and communications, we specialize in providing IT installation and maintenance services including IT, communications, network security, physical network to cloud backup conversions and more.

At IT Solutions Group, we relish the technological challenges presented to us by our clients, together we formulate a plan tailored precisely to their needs and budget.


Our team of IT, computing and communications professionals are available 24/7 providing valuable support to local needs in computing and network issues.

We are here to help you, our valuable clients harness technological innovation to take your business to new heights.

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Schedule a meeting with our specialist team now; we want to learn about your business' IT needs and to introduce you to all we can offer you in order to provide you with a hassle-free solution.

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We work with a variety of industries including legal and accountancy firms, healthcare and educational institutions and organizations, broadcasting and production companies, architectural engineering and construction companies.
In fact most fields of activities can benefit from our expertise.

Find out how we can help your organization create the ideal IT solution, based on your personalized wish list. Contact us now.

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Legal and accountancy firms
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Production companies
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Construction companies
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Healthcare institutions

Recent Projects

We recently planned and implemented a major upgrade for a large company with 100 employees from physical server-based services to cloud services.
We achieved the transfer seamlessly and with no hiccups, in fact the only indication the end users had that we had completed the work was the mail they received notifying them to the fact!

Provided valuable assistance in troubleshooting and finding a solution, enabling the deployment of a comprehensive array of network communications for a television series on a deserted island, based on satellite communication.


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